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Bring Me Home Live 2011

11th June 2012

In 2011 Sade brought their long awaited concert to the Sade brought their long awaited concert to the UK, playing at the London O2 Arena, Birmingham NEC, and Manchester MEN Arena.

The iconic band’s 106 date tour across America, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia, played to over 800,000 people.  The spell binding concert received rave reviews from the world’s press.

In addition to the concert, the elusive Sade Adu grants fans rare glimpses of behind-the-stage scenes with a 20-minute documentary, also filmed by Sophie Muller. It captures candid moments of Sade and also includes a short below the stage video by Stuart Matthewman, and outtakes from the crew.

  1. Soldier Of Love (Live)
  2. Your Love Is King (Live)
  3. Skin (Live)
  4. Kiss Of Life (Live)
  5. Love Is Found (Live)
  6. In Another Time (Live)
  7. Smooth Operator (Live)
  8. Jezebel (Live)
  9. Bring Me Home (Live)
  10. Is It A Crime (Live)
  11. Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Live)
  12. All About Our Love (Live)
  13. Paradise (Live)
  14. Nothing Can Come Between Us (Live)
  15. Morning Bird (Live)
  16. King Of Sorrow (Live)
  17. The Sweetest Taboo (Live)
  18. The Moon And The Sky (Live)
  19. Pearls (Live)
  20. No Ordinary Love (Live)
  21. By Your Side (Live)
  22. Cherish the Day (Live)