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Spread some Sade love

5th February 2010

We know that as Sade fans, you’ll be familiar with the band’s seminal work over the last three decades. But what about your family and friends who aren’t counting down the days to the ‘Soldier Of Love’ release? Maybe they’ve never heard of Sade, or perhaps they’ve heard a song on the radio, in a film or on a TV show they liked, but didn’t take it any further.

Well, we’ve got the perfect thing to introduce them to Sade’s fantastic back catalogue.

We’ve put together a special Youtube Playlist featuring the videos of some of Sade’s best known and most-played hits, which you can check out (and send on!) now over on Sade’s official YouTube channel.

Here are a few ‘featuring Sade’ tidbits we’ve collected that not everybody might know…

‘Your Love Is King’ – British singer Will Young covered the song in 2005 for the soundtrack to the film ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’

‘No Ordinary Love’ – This track was featured prominently in the 1993 film ‘Indecent Proposal’.

‘By Your Side’ – The song was featured in an episode of the fourth season of Sex and the City, “The Good Fight”.

Check out these tracks and more over on Youtube now.