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Sade live reviews

6th June 2011

Sade’s first European Tour in 18 years has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. You can view a selection of the reviews below.

‘The Smooth Operator and her spectacular eight-piece band didn’t disappoint either, with a set full of near-flawless, laid-back soul grooves’. The Sun, Thursday 2nd June

(Sade) also sounds just as lovely as ever. That distinctive husky soul voice is still an up-market linctus, her pitch and pronunciation as impeccably tailored as her clothes- she knows just when to let things flow and when to draw a crisp line.’ Daily Telgraph, Thursday 2nd June

‘Centre-stage, Sade herself – angular and incredibly youthful at 52 – sings with a luxuriant lack of haste’. The Guardian, Thursday 2nd June

‘Musically it was as slick as you’d expect. The British-Nigerian singer’s voice is as seductive as ever…’ Irish Examiner, Saturday 28th May

‘…Flirtations with the high register and power on ‘Pearls’, for instance- are spine-tingling’. Irish Independent, Friday 27th May

‘Whether Sade is delivering romantic melodrama or affectionate dub, her power derives from subtlety and easy intimacy’. Metro Herald,  Wednesday 25th May

‘Nobody expresses adult sorrow and melancholy with such graceful pain’. Evening Standard, Wednesday 1st June

‘Smooth Operator and Sweetest Taboo were slinky; Soldier of Love and The Moon and The Sky were peppered with Portishead-esque beats, but the balm-laden By Your Side was celestially moving.’ Evening Standard, Wednesday 1st June

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