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Sade Live UK reviews

25th July 2011

After an amazing British tour the reviews for Sade Live – World Tour 2011 have come flooding in. You can view a selection of reviews below.

‘(Sade) Her gauzy voice has acquired greater range, to the point that she receives a standing ovation for the sustained note that closes Is it a Crime?, but her stock in trade remains the dreamy delivery of pop-jazz songs about love and relationships….it is a pleasure to see Sade again.’ – The Guardian, Thursday 2nd June 2011

‘ The set list also promises material from Sade’s excellent 2010 album, Soldier Of Love, comprising new soul numbers laced with Latin and dub flavours…The shows visuals will be slick and Adu still looks as fabulous as she sounds.’ – Metro, Tuesday 31st May.

‘ Never a flashy singer, Sade’s tones are subtle and controlled, with a slow-burning emotional power. She can wow but its all about a long seduction. After 25 years, it’s clear that she’s still a smooth operator.’ – News of The World, Sunday 5th June 2011