Hailed as “the best concert of the year” by the Baltimore Sun, Sade will release her live DVD/CD and Blu-ray for, “Bring Me Home – Live 2011” on May 22nd. In 2011, after a 10 year hiatus, Sade returned to the U.S. for a 54-date tour in support of the platinum selling album Soldier Of Love (Epic Records), which became one of last year’s top 10 grossing tours. 
The tour, directed by the renowned Sophie Muller, will now be available on DVD/CD, featuring 22 of Sade’s biggest hits performed live on the visually stunning stage which was nominated by Pollstar for “Most Creative Stage Production” and “2011 Major Tour of the Year Award.” Sade also grants fans a rare, all access look behind-the-scenes with a 20-minute documentary film shot by Sophie Muller, as well as a technical documentary by Stuart Matthewman, and outtakes from the crew.  
Hailed for its intimate vibe, eye-catchin production, and dazzling imagery, this DVD/CD is undeniably a ‘must-have’ for the ultimate Sade fan! 
Live DVD tracklisting: 
1. Soldier Of Love  
2. Your Love Is King  
3. Skin  
4. Kiss Of Life  
5. Love Is Found  
6. In Another Time  
7. Smooth Operator  
8. Jezebel  
9. Bring Me Home  
10. Is It A Crime  
11. Love Is Stronger Than Pride 
12. All About Our Love  
13. Paradise  
14. Nothing Can Come Between Us  
15. Morning Bird  
16. King Of Sorrow  
17. The Sweetest Taboo  
18. The Moon And The Sky  
19. Pearls  
20. No Ordinary Love  
21. By Your Side  
22. Cherish the Day 
Live CD tracklisting:  
1. Soldier of Love  
2. Skin 
3. Kiss of Life  
4. Love is Found  
5. In Another Time  
6. Jezebel  
7. All About Our Love 
8. Paradise/Nothing Can Come Between Us 
9. Morning Bird  
10. The Moon and the Sky  
11. No Ordinary Love  
12. By Your Side  
13. Cherish the Day