March 13 2014

By Your Side Video
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March 11 2014

By Your Side
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On the third anniversary of the Great Eastern Japan earthquake, 11th March 2014, the anime studio Dwarf will release the beautiful and powerful film ‘By Your Side’ to support El Sistema's valuable work which helps the vulnerable children of Fukushima who have been traumatized by the 2011 tsunami and the nuclear explosion at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

Jeder, der schon mal eine deutsche Schule von innen gesehen hat, kennt die gelben Heftchen:

A "Soldier Of Love" mellett a "Stronger Than Pride" és a "Diamond Life" is 25% kedvezménnyel kapható a Bookline kínálatában április 30-ig vagy a készlet erejéig.

March 19 2013

Heute vor 25 Jahren
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